Route aéropostale 2007

The route

The project and consequently the route were divided into different stages;

Ruta Aeropostal 2007

Our participation was part of Air Rally "Toulouse - St. Louis, Senegal - Toulouse" which celebrated its 25 anniversary that year. The French non-profit organization has been characterized by preserving the historical memory of the first trade route between the continents and their aviators.

Legendary names such as Jean Mermoz or Antonie de Saint Exupéry (writer of the Little Prince of Night Flight among others ...) were pilots of these routes and precursors of the modern commercial aviation.

The trip took take place between September 29th and October 13th, 2007 with a turnout of about 30 aircraft coming from five countries to tour the nearly 9,000 km. travel.

The steps followed the old "Aeropostal Route" (see map), flying a visual form and following the silhouette of the sea along the coast. We had the chance of landing in unusual places with special permits and open only for the occasion as Cap retired (former Spanish military base in the desert), Tarfaya or Dakhla the former Villa Cisneros (now Base Military aircraft with United Nations mediate with the issue of Western Sahara).


The starting point of the trip was the airport of Toulouse-Lasbordes and at the beginning of September there was a Press Conference for the media at the airport in Sabadell. Once en route, and after a stopover in Alicante we headed for Casablanca and Tangier in Moroccan territory. We continued to Agadir and Tarfaya, and then after to Dakhla to enter Mauritanian territory and landing at Noadhibou. The last phase of the trip arrived at Saint Louis in Senegal where a number of events and media took place. The next morning we returned back to Spain stopping over in almost the same locations as on the way out adding a stop in Rabat where an official representation welcomed us. Then, and in a single stage, we flied to Almeria and after we headed towards Reus, penultimate stage before coming back to Toulouse. Our arrival ended with a reception at the Capitol.

With support from various institutions like the Latécoère Foundation and the Spanish Geographic Society this trip aimed to discover the footsteps of the pioneers of this fascinating Air Route that has kept its essence and history since 1920.