Route aéropostale 2007


The media were aware of the preparation and development of the event through the press office team and the website which was held expressly for the occasion. The organization of the event itself and the various institutions that supported it, followed the expedition and informed about the developments.


Prior to the dates of the trip a press conference took place to publicize the project, the composition of the team and the final route.

All the means for conducting interviews and reports were provided to journalists, as well as the necessary documentation in relation to the event. This was intended to maximise media coverage, a factor that impacted positively on the image of the sponsor.

Moreover, the fact that the 25th anniversary of this Rally is commemorated, facilitated the emergence of reports. Precisely, institutional support is an important element in the development of such events and since 1996 have done so. It has to be mentioned that at the forefront of this initiative was a woman endorsed by her sporting career, thus facilitating the emergence of stories, both in print and on television, as had already been demonstrated in connection with her previous participations.

It must also be noted that we reached an agreement with a television channel to produce a series of stories of the trip. It was also published a second book on the history of this route and the translation into Spanish of another book published in French about the beginning of "Latécoère line".

Schematic summary of interviews and reports of Mercè Martí appeared in different media regarding her participation in various air competitions.


TVE Bulletins d'information, sports y reportages.
Estudio Estadio (programme de football), Journal télévisé.
Réalisation de plusieurs documentaires.
TVE (chaînes régionales) Journaux télévisés et reportages.
Interviews et débats sur des questions d'actualité.
TV3 Reportages, interviews et programmes de sport.
Galas et concours.
Antena 3 Interviews et reportages.
Tele 5 Journaux télévisés et interviews. Crónicas Marcianas (talk-show).
EuskalTelevista Reportages et interviews.
Canal + Actualités de sport, interview et reportage.
Td8 Interviews.
La 6 Interviews.
TransWorld Internacional Reportage diffusé à l'échelle mondiale de 5 minutes.
Télévisions internationales CNN, CBS et chaînes locales de différents pays.


Longues interviews et reportages dans : El País, ABC, El Mundo, La Vanguardia, Avui, El Periódico, Diario 16, El Correo, Sport, El Mundo Deportivo, Diario de Sabadell, El Nou, Marca, As, Diari de Mallorca, Gaceta de Galicia entre autres. Sept unes et douze reportages dans des suppléments de périodiques dominicaux et une quatrième de couverture de La Vanguardia.

Total: 385 articles


National Geografic, Hola, Pronto, París Mach, Lecturas, Semana, Dunia, Activa, Vogue, Woman, Diez Minutos, Clara, Muy Interesante, Todo Sport, Sports 10, Volar, Revista de Aeronáutica y Astronáutica, Revista Airline, Aviación General, Avion Revue, Car and Driver, Skipper, Solo Rutas, Fusión, Mundo Empresarial, Barcelona Divina, Gaceta Shell, Revista Aérea, Revista Descubrir, entre otras.

Total: 180 articles