Route aéropostale 2007

The machine

Piper Twin Comanche PA- 30C

Piper Twin Comanche PA- 30C

This classic twin-engine produced between 1958 and 1972 is considered one of the fastest in its category. Its shape and design revolutionized the concept of sport aircraft in its decade and is currently considered the fastest plane within its category. Prepared to travel long distances can reach speeds exceeding 350 km / h and its two 160 HP engines provide great versatility and agility in flight.

This model aircraft has been used in numerous aerial raids and is worthy of several world records. Precisely in 1997 this Piper Twin Comanche was bronze medal in the World Air Games and has participated in several competitions in Europe.

The plane was revised for the occasion to cover almost 9,000 km. of travel and was labeled with the brands and logos of the sponsors in a visible place.

Technical Features

  • Engines: 2 Lycoming IO-320
  • Power: 320 hp
  • Cruise speed: 175 kts. / 315 km/h
  • Autonomy: 9:30 hours
  • Fuel capacity: 583 liters
  • Year of manufacture: 1968