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Mercè Martí Inglada

Mercè Martí Inglada

Mercè Martí was born in Barcelona September 9th, 1968 and her life has been always linked to the sports. She obtained good results in athletics and participated in several international races. Her spirit brought her to fly for the first time when she was 17 and instantly she decided that flying would be part of her life. She went to the United States in 1989 to obtain her Commercial pilot, IFR and multiengine licenses.

Once she obtained the licenses she returned to Spain to convert all her FAA licenses to EASA. In 1992 she came back to the States to get the CFI, CII, and MEI licenses and to create a pilots’ school “Cardinal Wings” in Kentucky, where she worked as a co-manager and Flight Instructor for one year.

Back to Spain she worked as commercial pilot for an important Cargo Company flying as a First Officer in a Fairchild Metroliner and two years later she joined Spanish Airline (Spanair) flying the MD-80.

Currently she is in front of her own airline Infinit Air founded in 2000, and devoted to aerial surveillance, observation and photography. From 2012 to 2016 she combined her business activity with that of Regional Account Manager for the multinational Shell, leading the Aviation Lubricants market for Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, obtaining good results.

Mercè has always combined its business facet with the sporting one preparing expeditions, participating in races and giving lectures. She has also worked as a presenter in several television and radio programs. She also collaborates with magazines such as Avión Revue and Aviación General y Deportiva. Most recently, she is helping in the promotion and development of the Formula 1 Air Race 1 racing circuit and has started to fly acrobatic planes with the objective of competing in the category of Formula in the Reno races.

Her sportive activity has brought Mercè to be one of the 100 Big Spanish Adventurers of all times, published in “La Revista”, a special Sunday Supplement of “El Mundo” newspaper and awarded with the Travel Award of the Year by the Spanish Geographical Society in March 2004. In 1996, Mercè was also honored on the Memory Lane of the International Forest of Friendship in Atchinson, Kansas, hometown of Amelia Earhart for her Round the World Tour and awarded Gold Medal, both, for her Hometown, Sant Feliu de Llobregat and for the Aeronautical International Federation.

Mercè Martí Mercè ultimando detalles en el taller.

Main achievements

  • Winner of the Race around the World in 1994. First Spanish person to race around the world and the first woman to win it, 33.500 Km. in 92:27h in a C-210P. (At the age of 25 years old)
  • Three world speed records in North American and Asiatic routes. Category C1D
  • Gold Medal by the International Aeronautic Federation
  • Second position in the Race of the Americas in 1996. 30.000 Km through the American Continent in a Mooney 203
  • Bronze medal in the First World Air Games in 1997 in Turkey flying in a PA-30 "Spirit of Freixenet". 21,000 Km through the European Continent
  • Organizer of the Flight Expedition Discovery Flight in 1998. The flight was over the Western part of Africa in a 1944 Fairchild aircraft
  • The Great Hawaiian Air Race 2002, seventh overall in a C-177
  • The US Air Race, July 2002. First position in a Piper Lance
  • Organizer of the EADS Centennial Flight, 17 September to 7 October 2003, Flight expedition to celebrate the 100 Anniversary of 1st Flight in a 1930 biplane Bucker through Spain
  • 25th Rally Toulouse St. Louis de Senegal Toulouse 2007
  • Royal Aero Club of England Air race of Minorca May 2010
  • The Great Bahamas Air Race 2011, third place in a Piper Lance

Eduardo Rodríguez Requena

Mercè Martí y Eduardo Rodríguez

Este compañero de viaje que acredita una buena experiencia en Bucker será el encargado de la puesta a punto del avión en cada escala. Apoyado por el equipo de Bucker Prado se encargará de que el avión este listo para volar y no le falte ningún detalle.

Consumado piloto de patín de cola ha participado en diversos actos aéreos, raids por España e incluso participo como extra en una película de producción americana.

Su experiencia, predisposición y conocimientos de mecánica, hacen de el una persona importante en el buen desarrollo de la expedición.